• 2023 Entrance Ceremony and Welcome Mass for Freshmen of 2023
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    Date : 2023.03.03
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    The university held the 2023 Entrance Ceremony in Myeongdong Cathedral on Thursday, March 2, 2023, welcoming 2,075 freshmen. The ceremony, which took the form of a mass, was led by Archbishop Peter Chung Soontaick, the chief director of the Catholic School, and the freshmen and their parents participated. 

    Shin Hyunseung of the Department of Theology took the matriculation oath on behalf of all freshmen of 2023 and pledged to work hard at the university. And three students, including Lee Yoonseo (Medicine, freshman), Kim Hochang (Pre-med, freshman), and Shin Hyunseung (Theology, freshman), received scholarship certificates as representatives of each campus.

    "Catholic University's founding philosophy is respect for human dignity, and it takes pride in fostering talents who are equipped with intellectual abilities, moral character, and spirituality rather than simply pursuing knowledge," said Archbishop Peter Chung Soontaick. "I hope that students will develop as talents to serve global citizens while practicing love and service and realizing genuine truth in the CUK community.”  

    "Catholic University will actively assist students in multiple directions to design their lives wisely by acquiring various knowledge and experience,"" said Catholic University President Won Jongchul. "I wish they would enjoy campus life full of joy and hope while discovering their own talents and selves and realizing their potentials," he added as a blessing for the future of the freshmen.

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