• The 75th TOPIK Test Guide
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    Date : 2021.04.06
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  • The 75th TOPIK Test Guide

    * What is TOPIK?
    - A test for overseas Koreans and foreigners in which Korean is not their first language. It is used for application to study abroad programs in Korean universities, employment, etc. as wells as suggests directions of studying Korean and helps spreading the Korean language.

    1) Host : National Institute for International Education / Conducting School: Office of International Affairs
    2) Schedule : 2021.4.11 (Sun) 12:20 - 16:30
    3) Location : K Hall 1F Cafeteria, K243, K246, K248, K250, K254, K257, K258, K342, K343, K345, K347, K349, K351, K354, K356
    4) Test takers : 212 people
    5) COVID-19 Safety Plan
        - Social distancing at the entrance and test site, placement of hand sanitizers
        - A separate room prepared for those exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms
        - Prohibit entrance for those not wearing a mask
        - All test takers to fill out questionnaire and check temperature
        - Establish an emergency contact system of relevant organizations (Bucheon Lifelong Education Division, Bucheon Health Center)
       - Will conduct disinfection work before and after the test

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