• Alumni to our school appointed as new chief economist
    Author : Mr. Ilwhan Ahn
    Date : 2021.03.31
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  • Mr. Ilwhan Ahn, who received his doctoral degree from the Public Administration Department of General Graduate School at the Catholic University of Korea, has been appointed as the new chief economist in March, 2021. Mr. Ahn, an economist officer well-versed in finance and budget, began his life as a public officer when he passed the 32nd civil service examination. He served as a press secretary in the Ministry of Strategy & Finance, Deputy Director-General on budgetary issues and on social budget, the head of budget office, and the Vice Minister in the Ministry of Strategy & Finance.

    Ahn Ilwhan was part of the doctoral program from 2011 to 2013, and acquired the Public Administration doctorate degree with his dissertation ‘Determinants of fiscal soundness deterioration in south Korea: with reference to the IAD framework of new institutionalism.’

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