• Donation Story-Kim Yong-seok, Department of Business Administration
    Author : Kim Yong-seok
    Date : 2021.03.10
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  • In February, the delivery ceremony of an appreciation plaque was held in Dasol Hall (D301). As he delivered the appreciation plaque, Professor Park Young-gyu (Department of Business Administration) who held the delivery ceremony commented, “ was very encouraged by the donor’s faithful and good deeds. I believe that his initiative movement serve as a stepping stone and impetus in the growth of the Department of Business Administration of Catholic University.”

    Donor Kim Yong-seok entered the Department of Business Administration in 2017 and donated a total of KRW 32,300,000 during his time in the university. In addition to a scholarship of KRW 30 million, it is the result of continuous donations along with active participation in various donation events within the university, such as CU TOGETHER of Catholic University Love, briquette volunteer work of Caritas Volunteers, and support of uniforms for Hanareum (Unification United Club).

    Q. Today, you are about to graduate after having studied here as a senior student of business administration. How you feel about your graduation?
    A. At first, I thought four years of school would be very long. Now that I think of it, it has been short. I think I did run really hard in this short journey at school. Students may not know how honorable and proud it is to be a student at university. When I was young, I was fascinated by students in school jumpers and club jumpers. I have always wanted to attend university so I used to wonder if there are certain qualifications to wear those jumpers. Being able to attend the university I wanted to go made me happy enough to cancel out all the difficulties I had experienced before. Other students may go through some trials and errors in university life as well. But it would become a desert if sunshine were all we had. We only get to truly understand what happiness is only after going through the misfortunes like rain and wind. I hope fellow students have a sense of pride in their short university life even if they may go through difficult times, and grow to be those who can give back to the society.

    Q. You have received an appreciation plaque for various activities you have participated in. How does it make you feel?
    A. I have never thought of receiving a plaque for making donations. So I was puzzled when the student president asked me to participate in the delivery ceremony. I have never meant it to be recognized. Still, I feel doubly happy now that I am graduating and receiving an appreciation plaque at the same time. Since one donation leads to another donation, I really hope that this appreciation plaque leads to another person to make donation and the cycle repeats and many receive this plaque in the future. The appreciation plaque, I believe, deepened my love of our university.

    Q. I would like to know your values in terms of donation and sharing.
    A. Donation seems to start from within. I have toiled away in the field even before I turned 20. Despite many hardships, I never lost pride in me and persevered through, and finally I came to graduate from university. And I came to help out other students after finding out there are many students who are going through hardships, because I’ve been there too. I hoped donations continue like a relay race amidst these difficulties, and students in difficult situations do not give up on their university and make it to the end. I also hope that these students could find their way in university or society and take part in this donation relay for others.

    Q. What are your plans after graduation?
    A. Upon graduation, I was admitted for a graduate program of Dongguk University. I am looking forward to the first class at the graduate school on March 2. For graduate school, I chose the Department of Real Estate, which is an important discipline in a capitalist country. I hope to further my studies on land, buildings and money so I never run out of money for continued donation. And I would also like to focus on my business that I set aside during my time at university and continue to send love to our university.

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