• Seven universities hold forum to share innovation performance
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    Date : 2021.06.08
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  • On June 4 (Fri), the “2021 Seven University Innovation Performance Sharing Forum” was held at CUK under the theme of “Success of Students in Industry 4.0.”

    This event was prepared to share outstanding innovative achievements among Catholic universities in Korea with the goal of fostering creative talents with problem-solving skills as forming harmony with various members of the society. In the forum, seven universities, ▲Catholic Kwandong University ▲Catholic Kkottongnae University ▲Daegu Catholic University ▲Mokpo Catholic University ▲Catholic University of Pusan ▲Sogang University, and CUK participating in University Innovation Support Project attended. 

    In Part 1, educational innovation cases were shared by giving presentations on the topics of ▲Student-led life-learning community model ▲Big data-based student competency management ▲Indicators for character education and effective performance management ▲Comparison and program of curriculum innovation curriculum connection, and ▲Convergence education between art and technology. 

    Part 2 consisted of cases of industry-university cooperation and research innovation, sharing cases of ▲Operation of a virtual welfare center to foster talents fit for the site, and ▲Achievements from online lab-based international joint academic researches. 

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