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    Date : 2021.12.31
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  •  Ventilation is the best prevention for the spread of COVID-19!

    According to World Health Organization(WHO), changing 30% of indoor air for an hour reduces the risk of infection to 1/20.  When our health authorities determine whether close contacts should be quarantined, indoor ventilation and mask-wearing are considered important criteria.

    University Ventilation Rules
    ㅇ When people stay indoors continuously, it is a rule to always leave windows and doors open. (Lecture rooms, offices, cafeteria, library, study rooms, meeting rooms, etc.)
    ㅇ Ventilate for at least 10 min. every hour. (Ventilation for 5 min every 30 min. is more effective)
    ㅇ Open both windows and doors in a diagonal direction for outdoors air to push the indoors air out faster.

    2021. 4. 8
    The Catholic University of Korea Prevention Committee

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