• 1000 Won Breakfast Operation guide
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    Date : 2021.04.08
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  •  1000 Won Breakfast Operation guide

    Our university has been selected to be part of the “2021 1,000 Won Breakfast” campaign hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and organized by the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Education and Culture Information Service.
    We hope many of our students participate. The “1,000 Won Breakfast” will be operated as follows.

    1. Campaign details : Offer cost-effective 1,000 won breakfast for the Catholic University of Korea students at the expense of the university and the government

    2. Campaign period: A total of 33 times from 2021.4.19 to 2021.11.12
        1) 1st Semester: Beginning April 19 (Mon), every Mon & Wed (will be extended during finals)
        2) 2nd Semester: Beginning Sept. 1 (Wed), every Mon & Wed (will be extended during midterm & finals)
        3) Time & Location: 08:30 a.m. ~ 10:30 a.m., 1F Dormitory Cafeteria at K Hall
        4) Menu: Consist of fried rice and rice bowl, selected based on students’ preference
        5) Price: 1,000 Won (Enrolled students only)
        6) Available portions: Servings for 200 people per day

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