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■ Introduce
As the first western-style educational institution in Korea, The Catholic University of Korea has been pursuing the goal of building a global education environment in terms of educational content. At the same time, we also have run various international education programs in conjunction with our sister universities abroad, in order to provide our students with excellent learning opportunities. Our students go abroad to experience different cultures, languages, people, and education in a global setting.

We have offered a ‘Korean Language and Korean Studies’ course for students from our sister universities in English-speaking countries for more than 11 years. To date, we have been passionately running the ‘CUK Global Summer School’. This program consists of lectures about Korean language, culture, history, and other aspects of Korean society including business and economics.

Through this program, participants have gained a wide range of background knowledge about Korea’s tradition, society, and dynamic contemporary situation. Gaining knowledge about Korea will come in handy in participants’ careers. All participants have returned to their homelands with a life-changing experience and positive impression of Korea.

We would like to encourage many international students’ interest in Korea and cordially invite all of you to take part in the ‘CUK Global Summer School’ program here at The Catholic University of Korea. It will strengthen our institutions’ relationship and allow institutional students to make good use of their long summer vacation time. We are sure that our program will give them a chance to have invaluable experiences and many good memories as well.